Leading Companies Use Chauffeurs for Airport Transfers

In the most basic sense, running a business efficiently means saving money wherever possible. Administrators and managers look for savings in everything from utility bills to stationery and office supplies – even transport. It makes sense then that corporations and SMEs would pick the cheapest option when it comes to transport for business journeys. However, most still choose private chauffeur car services for both employees and clients. Here’s why:

1. Consistency
When a business books the same chauffeur/s and the same car/s time after time, they can ensure that their employees and VIP guests have the same high level of service. Whilst there are ‘luxury’ taxi services and comfortable public transport options, choosing a chauffeur ensures that you’re never stuck with an inexperienced, rude or poorly presented driver.
2. Pricing
One of the benefits of developing a longstanding relationship with a chauffeur organisation is pricing. Having a regular journey that’s taken at the same time each week or each month can give you the ability to negotiate an advantageous package price. With taxi services, there’s usually just the one flagfall and per-kilometre charge; many taxi drivers don’t negotiate fixed fares, and certainly can’t do so ahead of the journey time.
3. Comfort
When travelling for business, every part of the journey has an impact on the employee’s readiness to work and perform at their best once they reach their destination. A smooth, comfortable and seamless transfer means they’re ready to get settled in to their flight, and are more likely to feel well rested when they disembark. It’s a cumulative effect that is often tracked and studied by HR coordinators in international organisations.
4. Impressions
When it comes to impressing a potential new recruit, business partner, client or customer, there’s nothing quite like a chauffeured transfer. Treating your guests to luxurious transport shows them that you care what they think, that you have the capacity to show attention to detail, and that you have respect for their needs and feelings. It’s a subtle way to show them how you’ll approach the rest of your business relationship.
5. Planning
It’s usually easier for EAs, PAs and administrators to book a chauffeur car than a taxi or shuttle service. There are no restrictions on when you can book, allowing you to plan ahead and get the transport organisation out of the way as soon as possible. Often, travel arrangers can speak directly with the driver instead of going through a dispatcher or agency. This means they can communicate effectively and plan alternatives in case of emergency or a change in schedule.

About Our Fleet

At OzE Chauffeurs, we’re extremely proud of our carefully selected fleet of vehicles. Each make and model in our fleet has been chosen for its comfort, spaciousness, and of course the luxury factor. Whether you prefer simple elegance or something ostentatious with awesome kerbside appeal, you’ll find the perfect fit at OzE Chauffeurs. Here are a few of our favourites:

Holden Caprice

The Holden Caprice is a classic choice for discerning travelers who appreciate little luxuries, and prefer vehicles with elegant yet understated looks. Produced in Australia since 1990, it boasts a powerful V8 engine and plenty of room to move. The latest series (WM and WN) have proven popular with international markets, suggesting a certain universal appeal in terms of passenger and driver experience alike.

Chrysler 300C

The 300C is the top-of-the-line 300 variant, featuring a beautiful Hemi V8 for amazing fuel efficiency without compromising speed. It makes a beautiful backdrop for your special occasion photographs; there’s no mistaking that signature grille and imposing body shape. It’s perfect for long, relaxing airport transfers, as well as private transport for the weddings, anniversaries and other romantic occasions. The spacious boot can accommodate plenty of luggage and supplies; on average, two large suitcases, or two large backpacks and two small pieces of cabin baggage. This ensures you can make the most of the legroom and plush interiors during your journey.

Mercedes S Class

The S-Class is a series of luxurious full-size sedans that has been designed and developed over time to provide the ultimate passenger experience. Later models feature options such as premium audio, higher quality upholstery and trim, and even seat features like Active Ventilated Seats and built in massagers. ‘S-Class’ stands for sonderklasse, which means ‘special class’. If you’re ready to experience a vehicle that’s in a class of its own, choose this Merc.

Mercedes Sprinter

Think people-movers can’t be classy? Think again! The Mercedes Sprinter takes minibuses to a whole new level, with plush interiors, tinted windows, plenty of room for luggage, and a great acoustics so you can turn your journey into a party. It’s a world away from the utilitarian nature of Japanese minibuses and early-model maxi cabs. The sleek exterior imparts a sense of mystery and exclusivity that you just don’t get with a regular van. At the same time, it’s a much more practical way to move a larger group than a stretch vehicle or multiple vehicles. You and your fellow guests will arrive at your destination in comfort and style.