Ways to Establish a Good Price for Your Trip

Interested in booking professional chauffeur-driven car services, but worried about the price? Don’t be. With a few small changes, you can get a fixed quote that allows you to get to your destination on time, without cutting out any of those special extra touches that make a private car service so luxurious. Here are our top tips for establishing a good price:
1. Choose the right vehicle
Your quote may vary depending on the type of vehicle you choose. There are plenty of limousines and private cars that are comfortable and spacious, without the type of frills that start to add to the price. If you’re just booking a journey to the airport, do you really need a champagne bucket, a personal entertainment screen and mood lighting? Probably not!
2. Share the cost with friends
This has less to do with the quote you get from your chauffeur company, and more to do with how efficient you are with your travel plans. If you’re travelling for business, you may want to consider ride sharing with a colleague. If you’re travelling with friends, you could coordinate to ensure everyone takes the same car, allowing you to split the cost. For the more adventurous and tech savvy, there are even apps and websites you can join which allow you to carpool or ride share for a single journey. (NB: with this option, you’ll be required to organise payment to your driver and collect payment from your sharer/s).
3. Have a single pick-up point and a single destination
Having multiple pick-up points, especially when they’re far away, can take extra time. Many services are priced per hour (although price can still be confirmed beforehand), so adding time may mean paying for another hour if the clock ticks over. To save on time, see if you can get all guests to the one pick-up point. For example, when booking transport for a school formal, it’s a popular tradition to spend time getting ready or taking photos at one person’s house. For weddings, it’s almost a given that the entire bridal party will be at the one location, but timing is still important – for example, if the bride is running late.
4. Get your quote confirmed before you finalise your booking
The easiest way to keep your transport budget under control is to get a price locked in before the day. That way, you won’t be surprised by any extra charges or additions to the bill. Make sure the quote is GST inclusive, and that it covers any extras you need such as car ribbons or porter service.