How to Spot a Dodgy Chauffeur

Once you know what you want from your chauffeured transport experience, it should be easy, right? Unfortunately, not every driver is as professional and well trained as the next. Some are not correctly licensed, or are only experienced in taxi transport. We’ve even heard of some operators who don’t have the vehicles they list on their fleet page! Here are some signs that you should avoid booking a particular chauffeur:
1. Lack of testimonials
If no previous clients are willing to publicly speak up and share their good experiences, then that could be cause for concern. Even though writing a testimonial can take time and effort, for an outstanding provider, you’d expect that at least a fraction of their clients would be willing to make a statement. You should also check the testimonials for signs of forgery such as using the same language and style over and over, and lack of personal details. Corporate testimonials should at least come with a business name and logo, if not details of a contact person.
2. Strangely limited availability
If a chauffeur can’t tell you (within a reasonable time frame) whether or not your vehicle of choice will be available at your preferred date and time, there’s a chance they may be subcontracting your booking. Although not always bad, subcontracting comes with a variety of challenges such as quality assurance, the driver not being familiar with their vehicle, business accountability, and the middle man adding their profit margin in.
3. No route knowledge
For a smooth, comfortable and efficient drive, your chauffeur should be closely familiar with the layout of your city. This way, they’ll know the best way to get from A to B, which route changes to make at certain times of the day, and (if you’re taking a semi-scenic drive) which are the nicest roads and streets to take. You can test your potential chauffeur’s route knowledge by asking whether they’ve passed any official tests regarding city knowledge, what they would suggest for your planned journey, and whether there’s any flexibility.
4. Poor phone manner
If you get the chance to speak to your potential chauffeur over the phone, you’ll get a better impression of their personality and whether they’re the right fit for your transfer or special event. Look for someone who can demonstrate clear communication, a polite and friendly tone, and a good use of any jargon related to the vehicle or the booking process.
5. Scruffy presentation
Dedicated professional chauffeurs take real pride in their presentation. Your chauffeur should either wear a uniform or a business suit with suitable identification attached, such as an ID badge on the lapel. They should be well groomed and clean-shaven (if applicable). Although it’s not always possible to see your driver before your booking, checking their gallery page or business Facebook profile may provide some clues.