How to Spot a Professional Chauffeur

Wondering how to tell a professional chauffeur from a taxi driver who’s moonlighting in his spare time? There are a few ways to predict whether someone has the skill and experience to give you the luxury transport experience you deserve. Here are a few things you can look out for:
• Professional website
Fly-by-night operators don’t invest in professional websites because they’re treating the private transport industry as a temporary job, not a profession. Look for providers who have taken care and shown attention to detail; chances are, they will show the same care when looking after you.
• Easy booking process
Professional drivers like to make sure their clients have a seamless experience from the very beginning – not just when they get into the car, but the first time they enquire. Whether it’s an online or web-based booking system, the process should be simple and user-friendly.
• Flawless presentation
A regular driver might take their car through a car wash every once in a while to get rid of obvious dirt and dust. However, a dedicated chauffeur obsesses over every detail of their vehicle. They’ll be able to tell you where they get their detailing done, what high-end products they use, and chances are they carry a microfibre cloth with them to re-polish the trim frequently.
• Documented experience
Your driver should have a long history of experience within the industry. If there are gaps in their chauffeur CV, chances are they consider driving to be a fallback job.
• Discretion
The back of your private car should be a space where you can relax and unwind or use your time in transit for important business tasks and phone calls. A professional driver will not listen in on your conversations or divulge details of your activities. If your driver tells you stories about past passengers – it can be hard not to talk about celebrity clients – watch out; they may do the same to you.
• Perfect grooming
Real chauffeurs keep themselves perfectly groomed, neat and tidy at all times. You’ll never have a professional driver with scruffy hair, a five o’clock shadow and uneven nails! The same goes for their uniform or suit, which should be clean and pressed. It’s an old-fashioned way to show respect for clients and ensure that every detail of their experience is spot on.
• Impeccable manners
You deserve to get the VIP treatment, whether it’s your wedding day, a trip to the airport or a private sightseeing tour. A real professional chauffeur will know what it means to deliver a silver service / white glove experience. From formal greetings and carrying your luggage, to offering your choice of a quiet ride or music, to accommodating your requests wherever possible, they’ll make you feel like you’re getting more than just a trip from one spot to another.